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  • Advantages
  • 1.Factory direct sales, most competitive price
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  • 3.Quality-assured. Each product undergoes a rigorous electronic quality assurance process.
  • 4.Fast shipping: We could arrange the shipment within 3-5 business days after we have confirmed the payment.
  • 5.Our products have certificates like CE, ROHS, FDA and SGS etc.
  • 6.Convenient payment methods: Paypal, T/T and Western Union.
  • Electronic cigarette:<<A REVOLUTION IN PUBLIC HEALTH >>
    Jean-François Etter, Professor of Public Health at the University of Geneva, point out that disrupts the tobacco market: the electronic cigarette, bringing with it a new way to perceive and use the cigarette, it has established itself as one of the best alternatives to tobacco.
    Appeared only a few years in China, Nowdays, The  electronic  cigarette  widespread worldwide and become Popular around the world . In France, there are more than a million people have tested to him every day.  more and more vapoteurs,  new smokers,  are attracted by the undeniable advantages of the e-cigarette. Even the most famous celebrities of cinema and musicians,  more than just an alternative, the electronic cigarette is now a social phenomenon.  As for the market, it is still very new. It has been tremendous growth in five years to  the point of worry the tobacco giants. And some experts predict that it will sell more electronic cigarettes than regular cigarettes within 10 years.
    Far from being a fashionable gadget, e-cigarette has serious advantages and clearly presented as a public health issue. If it has some obviously detractors, all health experts, however, argue that it is more beneficial to health to smokers . Indeed, the electronic cigarette does not contain any 4000 contained in cigarette tobacco (including fifty is carcinogenic) toxic substances, operates without combustion, emits no unpleasant odor. It comes in a multitude of styles and flavors while being significantly less expensive than regular cigarette. Thus, for a habitual of smoking one pack per day, the e-cigarette can save more than $800 a year!


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